Accept it, you’re old: 15 years have passed since ‘Fame, let’s dance!’

The Cuatro program was one of the most successful formats of the first decade of the 2000s.


On January 7, 2008, the doors of Fame, let’s dance!. Yes, you read it right. The legendary program presented by Paula Vázquez premiered in 2008, so she just turned 15, although it seems like yesterday when we met Vicky, Hugo, Quique or Mery, among other contestants. A total of 20 dancers started this adventurewhich would become the most incredible experience of their lives.

Fame, let’s dance! intended to bring viewers closer to the world of dance with a formula very similar to that of Triumph operation, and how successful he was having. The Cuatro program had it more difficult to succeed than the musical ‘talent’. The main reason was that at that time the discipline of dance was not valued as highly.

Chenoa has been our role model for two decades: from ‘Operación Triunfo’ to its own ‘late night’

The participants were young dancers eager to learn and train in various types of dance, from classical dance to funky or hip hop. In addition, they had galas in which they had to demonstrate everything they had learned during the week before the jury, made up of the academy’s own teachers.

Fame, let’s dance! it was broadcast from Monday to Friday in the after-dinner sessions of Cuatro. However soon they added a gala on sundays in the evening. The success was so great that those responsible saw a vein in the weekly galas. And it is that all the children of the time wanted to be dancers, even enrollment in dance schools increased.

The program, produced by Zeppelin TV, was based on a very successful original Chilean format. Fame, let’s dance! It was broadcast until 2011, but in these three years, five seasons. A great fact, since the program was never burned despite leaving almost no air between seasons.

This ‘reality’ has been giving us viral videos for years and will finally have its own edition on TVE

The arrival of Fame, let’s dance! to Spain caused great fury, and from this 15 years ago. More than a decade has just completed one of the programs most loved by viewers, since it marked an entire generation. A program that had all the ingredients to engage: healthy coexistence, music, respect, values ​​and dance as a factor that set it apart.

Fame, let’s dance! marked a before and after in the history of dance and, finally, gave him the recognition he deserved. In fact, Movistar recovered the format a few years ago, and, although it has not been officially cancelled, the last edition was in 2019. Fans hope to enjoy this ‘talent’ again in 2023.

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