Achievements “restrict gameplay, interrupt, and divert attention”; the designer of this feature in Mirror’s Edge makes his position clear

The achievements and trophies They have become a very substantial part of the experience between video games, serving as a window to perform feats of all kinds or to explore all the nooks and crannies of a title. While it is true that the community has already gotten used to this extra In its digital adventures, with a part of it that is dedicated to getting 100% of a delivery, it seems that the idea has not finished convincing industry figures.

We are talking, specifically, about Fredrik Thylander, who was the designer of the list of achievements in the acclaimed Mirror’s Edge. Although the professional is now in the offices of Ubisoft Massive Entertainment working on the The Division franchisehas wanted to uncover this issue through his personal Twitter account.

“Unpopular Opinion: Achievements/Trophies they have been bad for games. They restrict games, interrupt and divert attention, and consume resources that could have made the game better.”

Thylander bases his opinion on the possibility of improving a game using the time and resources that are regularly invested in making achievements. In this way, and despite the fact that adding extra objectives to the experience can extend the hours of play of a delivery, the professional considers that a large part of the problem occurs because of the platforms on which is forced to launch video games with achievements.

“This point of view is my own,” continues Thylander responding to another user. “It does not represent Ubisoft in any way. I just think the games they should have the reward mechanisms that best suit themand the one-size-fits-all mandate of platforms to make reward systems that benefit the platform makes the games worse.”

Mirror’s Edge still showing no signs of life

There are Mirror’s Edge fans who have already given up all hope of seeing the franchise’s resurrection. The last news we saw about this brand deals, unfortunately, with the shutdown of servers of various EA games among which is the first installment of the saga. In addition, DICE has already warned that, for the moment, They only have eyes for Battlefield 2042so we have to continue dreaming of the return of this fantastic experience.