Acoustic folk in Campan

This Friday, December 2, at 8:30 p.m., the Campan village hall will vibrate to the rhythm of folk with the concert of “Futur Folk Stories”. “Inspired by the BBC Ballads of the 1950s by Ewan McColl and Charles Parker, which revolutionized the concept of musical documentaries on radio, Future Folk Stories offers a concert device for radio play combining songs and pre-recorded texts, acoustic instruments and concrete sounds, the electroacoustics and the evocative force of the voice in multiple forms, sung, spoken, chanted. Unprecedented combination of strong musical personalities, we find Robin Fincker, Mathieu Werchowski and Fabien Duscombs of the group Bedmakers to which are added the electroacoustic bassist with the thousand stamps Fanny Lasfargues and the vocal performer Natacha Muslera, whose live voice mixes with others, recorded according to the peregrinations of the group”, invites the association.