Action in the air is what ‘Devotion. A story of heroes’: delve into it with this exclusive clip

A small sequence that reveals a tape of action, tension and emotion in abundance, and based on real events.

There is a large sector of the public that loves the cinema of impossible feats, heroic feats and feats that seem to have been carried out by gods more than by human beings. And for all of them, (and the public avid for stories that are much more enjoyed on the big screen), One of those premieres on January 27 blockbusters spectacular that appeal to the epic and the emotions on the surface.

Is about Devotion. a hero storyan action-packed adventure that we invite you to discover with the exclusive clip that you can see on these lines.

A story based on real events

As we pointed out, Devotion. a hero storydirected by JD Dillard is based on a true story, that of the aviator Jesse Brown, Considered the first African-American aviator in the US Navy. In the 1950s, when the Cold War had just begun, Brown is accepted into an elite squad for his training. There he would meet who would become one of his best friends, Private Tom Hudner. Both are trained to the limit to end up becoming the best combat pilots. And, in view of what is shown in the clip that we offer you, Jesse Brown’s expertise in command of a combat aircraft was undoubted.

The dramatic turn of Devotion. a hero story it begins when one of them is shot down by enemy forces. What will happen between them from now on? To find out, you have to wait for the January 27th and go to the movies (because this is where we are going to really enjoy the visual and dramatic spectacle of the film) let’s see Devotion. a hero story.

Diamond Films

The film stars Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell, who play Brown and Hudner, respectively. Jonathan Mayors is well known to the public for playing believe in the saga spin-off of rocky; Glen Powell already seems to have taken a liking to airplanes: his previous film was Top Gun: Maverick. Although the comparison with Maverick it is inevitable, Dillard’s film has been able to stand out on its own and is, for many, a solid drama with great performances.

So now you know: if you want to see a small preview of what awaits you in theaters on January 27, do not hesitate to see the clip that we show you right here.