Adriana Ugarte confesses in ‘El Hormiguero’ why she has a 200-kilo bull in her house

The successful actress and Juana Acosta have visited the Pablo Motos program to present ‘Lobo Feroz’.

the anthill received the visit of Adriana Ugarte and Juana Acosta this Wednesday, January 18. The actresses attended the program presented by Pablo Motos to talk about his new film, big bad wolf. A gripping thriller that premieres at the movie theaters on January 27. During the interview several anecdotes from the interpreters arose, such as that she has a bull in her house.

“Is it true that you have a bull at home?” Motos asked, surprised. Ugarte affirmed that he had this peculiar pet and began to tell the reason for it. “We went to buy a house in the north and, as usual, many have a block at the bottom. Some ranchers rent that space to have part of the cattle“explained the actress.

When Ugarte decided to buy the house “the transport strike just coincided and there was a calf that they could not sell.” “We adopted it, he is eight months old and weighs 200 kilos“, the actress confessed to the surprise of the entire public. In addition, the guest also revealed the name of her peculiar pet.

We called him Bobo cute so he’d always be sweet, but he plays rough

The presenter was curious about the bull’s hygiene and asked if he shit a lot. “Yes, we clean twice a dayI’ve gotten a feel for the shovel,” Ugarte acknowledged. “But we also have horses, pigs, and goats, there were also two chickens, but they were killed by a fox that was hanging around,” the actress said.

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Adriana Ugarte’s slips with two singers

Ugarte recognized that it is very clueless A fact that he demonstrated when he revealed his two blunders with two great international artists. And it is that the actress herself confessed that she had not recognized Andrés Calamaro or Mónica Naranjo.

“I was traveling to Los Angeles and, since it’s such a long flight, I took some notes with me because I had an exam. There was a guy with curly hair next to me and we started talking about what we were going to do there,” Ugarte said. When she told him that he was a singer and that he was going to give a concert, the actress asked him: “Do you have a little group? And what kind of music?” So, he gave her some tickets for the concert, but Ugarte rejected them and later realized that it was Calamaro.

I connected to the internet and realized that I had been talking to Andrés Calamaro!

“I also had a similar moment on the AVE, I helped a girl because she dropped her hand luggage, then she sat down with me, talked to me and I didn’t recognize her either until she told me that It was Monica NaranjoUgarte concluded.

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