After ‘1899’, fans of ‘Top Secrets’ once again criticize Netflix for canceling the series despite having been renewed for a season 2

The ‘streaming’ giant is doing his thing again.

2023 had not started on the right foot for fans of 1899, a series from the creators of Dark, which had been canceled after only one season and a great reception both by audience and critics. And now it’s the turn of one of the most acclaimed animated series for adults in recent years: Top Secrets.

The news has been revealed by its creator, Shion Takeuchi, on her official Twitter account, just like the creators of 1899 did:

It breaks my heart to confirm that Netflix has decided to cancel season 2 of Top Secrets. Over the years these characters have become real people to me and I’m devastated that I can’t see them grow. Reagan and Brett deserved to have their end and finally find happiness. And I would have loved to have shared what was still to be told. To everyone who watched it, thank you for joining us on the journey. Even though I’m sad, it helps me to know that there are people who care as much about these characters as I do.

The news has been quite a shock for fans of top secretssince in 2022 Netflix announced that the animated series for adults was renewed for a season 2 after the second part of the first installment was released.

The story revolves around a secret organization called Cognito that is in charge of covering up all the conspiracy theories in the world that revolve around the internet, since they all turn out to be true. But no one knows that keeping a secret hidden requires exceptional work. The second part deals mainly with the rivalry between Cognito and the Illuminati, the latter one of the most talked about secret societies lately.

The cancellation of top secrets arrives just a few days after the 1899the same series that was planned as three seasons, like Darkbut that his fans will have to be left without knowing what the second installment would have been like after that huge cliffhanger.