After a joke on Eric Zemmour and the Bataclan attack, comedian Gaëtan Matis admits to having “received death threats”

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After a joke in very bad taste by Gaétan Matis, the Parisian theater of Point-Virgule announced, Sunday, October 10, the cancellation of performances by the comedian. He was on the TPMP set to explain himself.

Last Friday, the comedian Gaëtan Matis published the following text on Facebook: “If I had a time machine, I would book the Bataclan for the evening of November 13, 2015 in order to organize an evening meeting between Eric Zemmour and its audience “. A slippage which did not fail to make Twitter react, but also Eric Zemmour, who questions: “On which side is the violence?”

The joke has “escaped him a little”

As a result, the Parisian theater of Point-Virgule, which scheduled its shows on Sunday and Monday 10 and 11 October, decided to cancel the performances of the comedian. Invited on the plateau of Touche not at My Post, the man returned to the facts and said he was the victim of harassment. “I have received death threats (…) I can no longer sleep at home”. And he had to file a complaint. Gaétan Matis believes that the joke has “escaped him a little”

This weekend, the comedian had apologized on Instagram, speaking of a “bad joke”. While specifying: “I do not have a time machine. So there is no need to argue”.