After overcoming COVID, Hande Erçel negotiates to star in the new Disney+ series

Sarah Heredia

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The actress who rose to fame for ‘Love is in the air’, along with her partner Kerem Bürsin, recover from the disease and resume their family obligations.

Hande Erçel and Kerem Bürsin, the actors who rose to international fame for Love is in the air, have been one of the many to get sick with coronavirus in recent weeks. Turkish media announced in early January that the couple had contracted the virus, and 10 days later, Erçel made his first public appearance, saying it was “difficult.”

In a meeting with a group of reporters, the actress has confessed that “It was a very difficult period. It was not extremely severe, but very difficult to overcome and I hope that everyone who has taken it can overcome it soon”. Fortunately, she is now recovered and is starting to resume her professional duties.

As for Bürsin, he has not made any public appearance yet, but after the news of his illness was released, his agent wanted to send a reassuring message: “Kerem is fine, there is nothing to worry about.”

Hande Erçel could sign for an original Disney+ series in Turkey

Once this stage has passed, they are already facing their future projects normally. Some very striking. It has recently been announced that Hande Erçel would be in talks to star in one of the original series that Disney+ is preparing for its arrival in Turkey. The streaming platform has been preparing this new market for a long time and it seems that it has already received authorization to develop its service in the country.

The company is talking to other actresses, such as Pinar Deniz (Yargi) y Elçin Sangu (I rent you my love), supposedly to work on the same project. However, no confirmed details are known about it. The one that does seem certain is that of Can Yaman, who has also negotiated with Disney + to star in a new production.

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