After the court’s rebuke in the 5G case, Juhi Chawla said again – just give us the certificate of security

After the court’s rebuke in the 5G case, Juhi Chawla said again – just give us the certificate of security

Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla ( Juhi Chawla ) past 5G radiation ( 5G Radiation has been discussed plenty reason to raise our voices against). Juhi had also filed a petition regarding this in the Delhi High Court , in which she was reprimanded by the court. Not only this, a fine of Rs 20 lakh was also imposed on the actress.

Now on Wednesday, Juhi has once again given her opinion on this issue through social media. Juhi said that there was a lot of noise in the past, in which an important message was lost somewhere. Juhi says that she is not against 5G, she just wants the authorities to give a certificate of security that 5G is safe for children, pregnant women and for all of us.

Juhi shared the video on Twitter and Instagram

Juhi Chawla has shared a video of 1 minute 24 seconds on Twitter and Instagram. Sharing this, Juhi has written – Listen. What Juhi has said in the video, ‘Hello, these past days there has been so much noise that I could not even hear myself.

In this noise, I felt that a very important, very important message might have been lost and that was that we are not against 5G. We are not against 5G, but we welcome it. Please bring it with you. All we want to say is that the authorities should certify that it is safe.

‘Tell us, so that our fear goes away’

Juhi further says in the video, ‘We are all saying please certify it, study on it, research on it, publish it in the public domain. So that this fear of ours, it goes away. Let us all go and sleep peacefully. We just want to know that it is safe, safe for pregnant, for babies who are not yet born. That’s all we are saying.

Court had reprimanded Juhi Chawla

Earlier, the Delhi High Court had reprimanded Juhi Chawla in the case. Hearing Juhi’s plea, the court said that her appeal is based on legal advice rather than facts. It’s a waste of court time. The court reprimanded and said that it seems as if all this has been done to garner publicity.

Therefore, Juhi Chawla is directed to pay a fine of Rs 20 lakh for wasting the court’s time. Along with this, Juhi was also given one to one and a half weeks to pay the outstanding fees for the court hearing. Juhi had not deposited about two lakh rupees in the amount of fees.