After the remake of Demon’s Souls, the next game from Bluepoint Games is a mystery that they will reveal “when the time is right” – Demon’s Souls Remake

When Bluepoint Games released the Demon’s Souls remake, many users already knew that their next project was coming stepping strong. However, everything remains a mystery to this day that will be revealed later. We know that they have been playing distraction through a Christmas postcard but at least we already know that they are quite busy “working hard“.

“When the time is right we will show the game. All good things take time”, Bluepoint Games

The work of Bluepoint Games has also reached God of War Ragnarok, since have helped with its development, but his next game is a mystery. However, as we read in Gamingbolt, Peter Dalton, head of technology reported on Elon Musk’s social network about some vacancies following the recent layoffs from Microsoft. Given this, he also talked about his future game without giving any details.

“It’s sad to hear about all the layoffs happening today in the tech industry. We’re working hard on our next project and we have several vacancies. Personally we are very interested in all the rendering programmers out there. If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you,” he replies in the tweet, but subsequently points out that they will show the game “when the time comes” since “all good things take time”.

How was the last game from Bluepoint Games?

In the writing of 3DJuegos we were fortunate to enjoy this proposal again. In the analysis of Demon’s Souls Remake we point out that it is a “must have” game summing it up as follows: “If I had to define Demon’s Souls with a single word, it would be ‘crude’. In the first instance it is rough and hard, but when we savor its flavor with more care and calm we discover in it an infinite number of nuances that make what at first seemed vast and unpleasant quickly become something marvelous“.