Agen: a musical awakening for the little ones, recipe by Le Florida

the essential
So that young children quickly get used to the musical world around them, the Florida offers, among its many activities already in place, to awaken acoustic abilities. The challenge ? Exploit the pleasant and playful environment around the music.

The Florida offers many activities related to musical practices, including one of the most innovative: musical awakening. Reserved for children from three to four years old, sometimes with the opportunity to be accompanied by parents according to the courses selected, the awakening addresses the main points of music, including rhythm and melody. The discovery of sound accompanied by a music therapist is part of these different courses that will take place on Saturday January 14, within the Florida itself, located on Boulevard Carnot in Agen. Something to learn in a fun way, the different musical aspects that children will dig into as they grow up listening to music and why not, playing it.

Electro, without the music

Important detail to remember: there is no age limit for developing musical abilities and these different workshops are also implemented to get caught up in the game and share it around you so that the experience is enriching. Other activities, in different sectors, will be offered in the coming weeks, to diversify interactions and areas of interest. All activities are offered between five and ten euros.

However, the musical theme will not be the only one discussed during this day of resumption of activities at Florida. A workshop to discover the basics of electronics will also be offered to children under 12 accompanied by an adult. Something to familiarize yourself with everyday objects, but also to learn about tin soldering, a tool little known to children but also to some adults. Old electronic toys with unbearable noises, placed in attics because they are not used, will be welcome during this learning of a technique that can be used to recycle electronic objects. Before revealing other activities that will be held throughout the year at Florida, this next meeting, scheduled for January 14, should delight dozens of children accompanied by curious parents.