Aladdin movie download by the website 123Movies

Aladdin movie download by the website 123Movies

He falls in love with the princess of the kingdom and reaches the palace to get her. Aladdin, who lives in the city, eventually finds his way to the palace.

When reaching the palace, he found out that reaching the princess was not as easy as he imagined.

Aladdin movie download

The prince Aladdin who lived in the state fell in love with the princess of the kingdom, and he entered the palace to get her. However, once he reached the palace, he realized that it was incredibly difficult to get her.

There has been a long-standing story of Aladdin and Ginny in the history of cinema. However, Disney also presented an animated series focusing on this story which was immensely popular. The new duo of Masood and Scott brings new energy to this film.

The chemistry between the two stars is really amazing. In the main role, Will Smith is our film’s greatest surprise package and also its strongest party in the form of Ginny. Zafar, our main villain for the film, has also been very skillfully created.

There are places where the direction of the film is not strong. There are song and dance sequences that have been added to the film unnecessarily.

There is no doubt that the film is 2 hours and 8 minutes long, perhaps this is due to the development of all the characters, but it seems that the director has completed the film in a hurry.