Alain Souchon and his “New collection” of songs

the essential
Alain Souchon is still announced in concert at the Zénith in Toulouse on February 3. Hoping it won’t be postponed again, fans will be patient with a 2 or 3 CD compilation.

Several times delivered, remodeled, reinvented, Alain Souchon’s tour could not resume at the beginning of January, but is still scheduled in the Zénith de France, including of course that of Toulouse, where more than 4,000 spectators are expected – who have bought their ticket a long time ago! His last album, “Ame fifties” going back two years, the singer offers a “(New) collection”, that is to say a best-of (he would prefer the term of anthology) sweeping all of his rich career. And this is how we find, chronologically, the titles that made the guy, inseparable from Laurent Voulzy, a star: “I am ten years old”, “Never happy”, “Hello mom bobo” and ” Can”.

Accuracy of the look, delicacy of the line

Then those who installed Souchon at the top that he was never to leave despite (or thanks) to a discographic production anything but bloated. How to resist, even after dozens of plays, the finesse of mind, the accuracy of the gaze, the delicacy of the line (and the pop enthusiasm inspired by Voulzy) which animate the wonders that are “The bagad de Lann-Bihoué “,” Y’a d’la rumba dans l’air “,” Rame “,” La Ballade de Jim “,” That’s already it “,” Golden parachute “,” Ultra modern solitude “or “Sentimental crowd”. From “Ame fifties”, “The sailor” is proposed in a new version where papa Souchon sings with his sons Pierre and Ours (and not Pierre and the wolf) who played a key role in the composition and the realization of the album. This “(New) collection” also exists in a 3 CD version, the last one reflecting “Alain’s choice” in 21 tracks, mostly little known or recent. We follow “la Souche”, from “Cozy-corner” to “Sloping terrain”, from “Casablanca” to “Portbaril”, “Au ras des daisies”, “Le jour et la nuit”. Before “pulling your hair” and reliving the whole adventure since the 70s. With Souchon, you will always be ten years old …

“(New) collection” by Alain Souchon (2 or 3 CDs, Parlophone / Sony Music).
In concert at the Zénith in Toulouse on Thursday 3 February at 8 p.m. Prices: from 42 to 69 euros. Tel. 05 34 31 10 00 (