Alaric’s future in ‘Legacies’ and 3 reasons to trust the character’s survival

Matt Davis plays the school’s founder since ‘The Vampire Chronicles’, but have we seen the last of the former vampire slayer?

He is one of the most beloved characters in Legacies and one of the few who have reprized his role as Vampire Chronicles in the third in-universe series started by the series starring Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder. We refer, as you may have guessed if you are among those who enjoy the series on HBO Max in our country, to Alaric Saltzman, one of the most important members of the cast of the series and probably the most important adult character in history. Again played by Matt Davis, who played Alaric in the original series with greater or lesser weight during his eight seasons of trajectory, the character is presented in Legacies As the founder of the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted in Mystic Falls and father of twins Josie and Lizzie Saltzman, two of its star pupils.

However, important as it is, the second ‘spinoff’ of Vampire Chronicles after The originals He seems hell-bent on putting Alaric on the ropes. The last time in the episode ‘I Thought You’d Be Happier To See Me’ (4 × 05), which hosted his shocking death. And not shocking because we had not seen him die, but precisely because, unlike on numerous other occasions, he seemed the most credible and earthly of all of them.

Throughout his journey, Alraric has been an ever-changing character who has managed to rebuild himself since he started in Vampire Chronicles. It started out as a real disaster; an almost alcoholic vampire slayer who wanted to avenge his wife, but now he had long functioned as the adult and stable hand that led the young protagonists of Legacies, for whom it has almost been like a father. Thus, it is difficult to imagine that the series has decided to completely get rid of it. What future awaits you? Only the new episodes of the season 4 of Legacies they will say it, but here they go some reasons why we can be confident in your survival:

Matthew Davis’ departure has not been announced.

He is a character important enough to have been announced before, however much it would have led us to speculate about his future in the plot. The reality is that, and it would not be the first time it has happened in the franchise, if a key cast member leaves a series, the news will eventually come to light. Or it is officially confirmed after the episode is broadcast, when, in some way, it can already be counted.

2. Dying and coming back to life is very Alaric

Die and resurrect. Of that the character of Matt Davis knows for a while. In fact, your bow in Vampire Chronicles was very marked by this fact, although it must also be said that, throughout the eight seasons of the original series, numerous humans ended up becoming supernatural creatures or acquiring innate supernatural abilities. But not Alaric. He remained a mortal human with a protective ring that allowed his resurrection on many occasions. Even when I didn’t have it.

So many times he died throughout Vampire Chronicles that it was even a little surprising that he had not yet died in Legacies. How can he not come back if we have seen him do it so many times?

However, it is also a reality that the episode of Alaric’s death seems quite realistic. Unlike in the rest of the character’s deaths -which have been a few since we met him in the first installment of Vampire Chronicles-, the death seems real and permanent. Mainly because it is medical and not supernatural.

3. A sudden elimination that does not fit the context of the series

The last aired episodes of season 4 of Legacies -which were originally destined to be the end of season 3 and the premiere of the new installment respectively-, have been very marked by the roots of Vampire Chronicles. In them we have seen ancient characters appear, while elements of history that largely did not exist in Legacies they have become important almost suddenly.

In this context, it would seem strange that the series he would have dared, suddenly, to erase Alaric from the equation. Rather, it seems to fit into a ‘cliffhanger’ at the end and beginning of a new stage that in the end has passed differently as a result of Covid19.

Will be the new episodes of Legacies those who clarify their destiny. We will continue to see them on a weekly basis from HBO Max.