Alec Baldwin’s accident could have been recorded: A search warrant for cameras and phones begins

The director of photography of ‘Rust’, Halyna Hutchins, has died due to a shot that the actor took while they were filming.

Alec Baldwin accidentally killed Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer of the movie they were shooting titled Rust. The actor fired a blank pistol that was not yet fully discharged, so he fired a live bullet at Hutchins, thus ending his life.

The film’s director, Joel Souza, also ended up injured in the shoulder, but he left the hospital the same day that this tragic accident was announced. could have been recorded. The detective on the case, Joel Cano, has requested a search warrant for mobiles and cameras that could have captured the accident.

This has been confirmed Deadline, who have spoken with the Santa Fe, New Mexico police station: “The search warrant was executed this afternoon [viernes 22] and they are out right now ”. According to the statement made at the police station, Baldwin took one of the weapons found on the set, where they told him that none of them had any real bullets inside.

So Baldwin fired, hitting Hutchins at close range and then injuring the headmaster from the explosion. “I didn’t know there were real bullets in the props gun”says Baldwin in the statement made at the police station.

Alec Baldwin: “I am heartbroken and I have no words to express my sadness for Halyna”

It is not surprising that the police want to confiscate any electronic device that could have recorded the accident and more so considering that they were rehearsing one of the scenes. Baldwin, the weapons officer and others on the team have been questioned and released. later on the night of Friday, October 22.

In order to move forward with the investigation, the Santa Fe police station wants to get all the possible images, production equipment, whether computers, memory cards, all the weapons and their documents and mobiles of all the equipment and the cast that they can. have recorded the accident or take photos of the place.

Charges have not yet been filed, due to the fact that it is in a preliminary investigation phase, but everything indicates that they could file homicide or other charges to Baldwin for this accident.

The cinematographer who was a breakout star

Halyna Hutchins was 42 years old and grew up in the Arctic Circle among reindeer and submarines. Before entering the audiovisual world, She was a researcher and lived in the best moment of her film career.

A “breakthrough star” who grew up in the Arctic Circle: Who was Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer who died on the set of Alec Baldwin?

In 2019, Hutchins was selected in 2019 by American Cinematographer magazine as part of the American Cinematographer’s Rising Stars, a list that compiles the power stars of the American industry. I also work with Pollyanna McIntosh from The Walking Dead, Joe Manganiello and Elijah Wood.