Álex González began to sweat when they called him for ‘Toy Boy’: “I’m not here to be a ‘stripper”

Sara heredia

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The actor came as a guest to El Hormiguero to present ‘We were songs’, the film that premieres on Netflix on September 29.

From September 29, you can watch Álex González on Netflix at We were songs, a romantic comedy that adapts the novel by Beta Coqueta -which you will surely know for Valeria-. There he gives life to the handsome boy and the love mistake of the protagonist, but if you want to see him in a totally different role, you can too. González has signed for the new season of Toy Boy, the series with the most shirtless men per current television scene, which premiered on September 26 on Atresplayer Premium.

The actor, who has come as a guest to The Hormiguero, He has stated that he was surprised by the call of the producer, since at that time he was not prepared for the erotic dances that dominate in the series. “When he called me Cesar Benitez, producer and friend, and told me it was Toy Boy I started to sweat and said ‘my God’, I’m not right now to be a ‘stripper’ but I said ‘Good’. In the end, it’s another character called El Turco and I’m very happy, “he says on the set of the Pablo Motos program.

González surely breathed a sigh of relief when he realized that his character would not have to walk on stage with a naked torso. It is about El Turco, a businessman with a dark past who causes a sensation at the One per Cent club. He has been climbing positions from the bottom, applying very little diplomatic techniques, so it has been shown that he has nothing to lose.

González arrived to replace Michele Morrone, the great fiction signing. Unfortunately, the Italian actor could not continue with his commitment to the series and Atresmedia turned to the protagonist of Prince. Something that he has known how to enjoy. As stated at the end of June, the filming of Toy Boy 2 it had been one of his “best experiences.”

If you’ve already enjoyed the first episode of season 2 of Toy Boy or do you fancy a romantic comedy, don’t miss We were songs. The film focuses on Maca (María Valverde), a girl who works as an assistant to a somewhat tyrannical fashion influencer and for whom no love affair turns out well. One day Leo (González) returns to his life, the biggest mistake of his life and the man who broke his heart. The old wounds reopen, but Maca will take the bull by the horns and put his life in order.

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