“All my career I have tried to get out of the labels”: ‘Nope’, the new Jordan Peele movie with which he wants to blow your mind again

We spoke to the director and cast of the sci-fi horror film. In theaters August 18!

“It’s wonderful to hear that because my whole career I’ve been trying to get out of labels”. Jordan Peele began his career in the industry as an actor, but in 2017 he made a movie that became the surprise of the year. Let me out It was a critical and commercial success and added four Oscar nominations, of which he took the one of Best Original Screenplay. Now the director of Us wants to blow your mind again with his new project: nope. “When you have a tag you have a magic trick waiting and you have the audience waiting for them to go, ‘Oh…’. So if you can find a box, open it,” the director tells SensaCinema.

nope hits theaters on August 18th and follows the residents of an inland California ravine who make a strange discovery. “Like all my films, it was humanity combined with this feeling of existential helplessness”says Peele about what inspired him to make this film, for which he also signs the script.

With this project, the filmmaker wanted to answer a couple of questions:

Why are we obsessed with the show? Why does the human condition have this addiction to seeing beautiful or terrifying magic?

Because nope It goes, among other things, about the industry of ‘show business’, a world in which his brothers protagonists enter by a miracle and luck of fate emerald Y OJ Haywood, interpreted respectively by Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya. Both had already worked with Peele in the past. The first in a ‘sketch’ of Key & Peele. The second in Let me out.

From left to right: Daniel Kaluuya as OJ, Brandon Perea as Angel Torres, and Keke Palmer as Emerald.

More budget. Let me out It was done in 23 days. It was very intense. Very intense. You had to make decisions very quickly and now we have this space in nope and you see Jordan occupying that space…”, says Kaluuya about the differences of working with the director in his first feature film and in this one. “It was an experience to see Jordan Peele doing his job and to be a part of that. It was very inspiring.”Palmer adds.


For both actors, one of the most rewarding things about working on nope It was experiencing first-hand the shooting of a film whose script was constantly evolving. “That was amazing, seeing the ideas and how they changed”Kaluuya says. “That was the coolest part, seeing that it was never finished,” says Palmer. “Seeing how he kept developing it and not clinging to the need for it to be finished was also inspiring”.

Steven Yeun as Ricky ‘Jupe’ Park.

Within that world of entertainment is Ricky ‘Jupe’ Parka child actor who as an adult becomes the owner and creator of the amusement park Jupiter’s Claim in which a traumatic episode from his past explodes. “It was weird. It’s still weird”tells Steven Yeun, who plays Jupe, about bringing to life a ‘showman’ and cowboy.

As Yeun adds:

We are talking about the way we see each other. The way society sees a specific person based on their looks and how that has been somewhat scrambled today. I think we’re all becoming more aware of scrutiny, wherever it comes from. I’ve been under scrutiny, as an actor

Although Kaluuya, Palmer and Yeun are actors with prominent careers behind them, nope has been a key project for Brandon Perea, who plays the technology expert Angel Torres. the actor of The OA call this project “the miracle job”. “It was incredible. It was bigger than she had ever dreamed of,” she says of her experience on film. “I soaked up as much as I could each day. Even when I wasn’t working I would go on set on my day off just to go hang out and learn and follow everyone I’ve worked with.”

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