“All people have some kind of undiagnosed diversity”: Meet the protagonists of ‘Fácil’, the most ‘punk’ series of the year, with these four exclusive pieces

The national production based on one of the greatest phenomena of recent literature, the exceptional novel ‘Lectura fácil’ by Cristina Morales, lands on Movistar+.

In December 2018, when the ghost of the pandemic had not yet settled among us, a young writer named Cristina Morales published easy readinga provocative book that, in the words of the editorial Anagrama itself, is “a battlefield: against monogamous and white heteropatriarchyagainst institutional and capitalist rhetoric, against activism that wears the guise of “the alternative” to prop up the status quo”.

Just the year of its publication, the praise for a complex title began, which seems like a combative fanzine but is much more, a punk and uncomfortable reading that mixes different formats and rebels against the reader himself. The first prize he received was the Herralde Novel Prize and a year later he received the National Narrative Award for this his fourth novel, an artistic triumph that was unanimously received as one of the great works of recent Hispanic narrative.

For example, Rosa Martí from Esquire received the publication of easy reading with these words: “As politically incorrect as it is funny, as transgressive as hilariousvisceral, combative, brutal and at the same time tender”.

Functional diversity and integration: ‘Easy’, a very punk and necessary series

easy reading it’s about four women (who are cousins) with functional diversity who share a supervised apartment. Throughout its pages, their way of life and the way they have to face different social problems are described.

The adaptation to television format it was almost an open secret. and has ended up becoming Easyan exclusive miniseries on Movistar +, directed by Anna R. Costa (co-creator of Madrid burns together with Paco León) and starring an exceptional quartet: two well-known faces by the general public, Anna Castillo and Natalia de Molina, and two newcomers: Anna Marchessi and Coria Castillo.

SensaCinema he offers you four exclusive piecesstarring the four leading actresses of Easy. In them they tell us what it has been like to participate in the miniseries that has brought an important and necessary novel to the small screen.

Angels (Coria Castillo)

“From the beginning when I read the casting test, it felt very much like being at home, as if Ángels were a lifelong friend of mine and they tell you ‘imitate her’. Coria Castillo he gets emotional when he talks about his participation in the series, a tailor-made debut. In the novel, we meet this character through a novel that he is writing under the Easy Reading standards, a writing methodology to facilitate the comprehension of texts for people with comprehension difficulties.

Marga (Natalia de Molina)

Jaen actress Natalia de Molina gives life in Easy to Marga. In the novel, Marga has 66% intellectual disability and is a woman who wants to live her sexuality freely. “I have felt very vulnerable playing this character,” de Molina reflects on his participation in the miniseries. “I felt very connected to Marga as a woman. I am an actress, precisely, to be able to give life to characters like this and to be able to give a voice to this type of women”. However, the ghost of intrusiveness has not been alien to his work, since today the debate has been raised about the need for people with real disabilities to be the ones to give life to this type of characters: “I have sense of intrusion but the gift of playing this role, the respect with which I have faced him, the risks I am taking make up for that feeling.

Nati (Anna Castillo)

“Nati gave me a lot of insecurity. I believe that he is a difficult character. She is an aunt who on paper is very lucid and has a very clear speech, she can be aggressive and, in addition, she is the one with the most disabilities of the four, 70%. She was a character to whom she had no reference, neither as an actress nor as a spectator: when it came to acting, I was carried away a lot by Laura’s opinion. [Jou] and Ana (directors and creator of the series respectively) and by my intuition”. In the exclusive piece we can take a closer look at the work of this stupendous actress together with the team of the series. “One of the biggest challenges that the construction of this character has entailed has been to reflect those moments in which Nati does feel emotions and feelings but without her face giving any clue”.

Patri (Anna Marchesi)

“I have integrated into working life and I think that it has played in my favor that I am a super stubborn person: when there was a barrier in society, which did not accept that I did certain things, I had to hit the wall to tear down the walls”. These words belong to the actress Anna Marchessi, an actress with functional diversity who plays the character of Patri. Anna says of Patri that she is “a very cool person” and she bursts out laughing: “she is a staunch defender of the rules, because she thinks that they are the vehicle to lead the life that she currently leads.” Very soon she begins to question those norms and to think that perhaps the life of her cousins, so against the current, can be more positive than the staunch defense of what is established.

The five episode miniseries Easy It is available on the Movistar+ platform from December 1.