All series canceled in 2022 by Netflix and other networks and platforms

‘Dan Brown: The lost symbol’, the last to join the list of fictions that will not continue.

Every year several hundred new series are released on the different networks and streaming platforms, but we also say goodbye to others, either because the title in question is facing its final season or because, for one reason or another, it did not fit into the plans. of the channel responsible for its broadcast and has ended up canceled from one day to the next.

And the second case is precisely this special, in which we will include and update all those series not facing their final stretch, but have been abruptly canceled. Even on some occasions unexpectedly or with controversy, as we have had so many examples in recent years. And it is that, while some of them do not go beyond the first season and their cancellation happens without pain or glory, others, regardless of their duration, they leave a lot of fans serial orphans who sometimes even organize themselves to try to resurrect it.

The most common reasons for a cancellation? As a general rule, it has to do with a specific number of viewers, which has to be in tune with what the chain or streaming platform on duty has in store for it, although sometimes there are also cancellations related to more tricky issues. .

Next, we gather the series that have been canceled so far this year 2022 and that promises to increase in the remainder of the year.

I know what you did last summer (Amazon)

Duration: One season, 8 episodes

I Know What You Did Last Summer was one of Amazon’s most anticipated series in 2021, but it has become its first cancellation in 2022. And not because it was conceived as a story to be told in a single season, since the team, led by the former ‘showrunner ‘ from Preacher Sarah Goodman built the plot with the intention that it could continue.

In the end it won’t be like that, but here it is, this adaptation to the small screen of one of the most iconic ‘slasher’ movies of the 90s. New cast, new story (with a twist) and a new killer.

Gentefied (Netflix)

Duration: Two seasons, 18 episodes.

First Netflix cancellation in 2022. Created by Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chávez and released in February 2020, Gentefied is a comedy series in which three Latino cousins ​​who reside in Los Angeles, who are descendants of Mexican immigrants and who, despite being very different from each other, share a common goal: to run their grandfather’s taqueria in a neighborhood which is changing more and more.

At the same time, the three protagonists pursue their dream of prospering in America, although doing so without leaving behind their roots, customs and identity is not easy for them.

Dan Brown: The Lost Symbol (Peacock)

Duration: One season, 16 episodes.

While the famous novels of Dan Brown The Da Vinci Code Y Angels and Demons were adapted to the big screen with Tom Hanks as the undisputed protagonist of the saga, the novel the lost symbol of the famous writer has seen the light in the form of a television series, with Ashley Zuckerman in the role of Robert Langdon, the iconic researcher specializing in symbology. The attempt did not last long, since the NBC streaming platform – in Spain it was broadcast by Movistar + – did not want to continue.

In it, Langdon’s new adventure begins with the commission of a conference on Freemasonry in the United States Capitol that turns out to be a plot to seize a very precious object that he carries with him.

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