All State of Play ads and videos; recap of the event with Resident Evil 4, Suicide Squad and more – Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

This start of 2023 has been spectacular, not only because of the great video games that we are already enjoying at home, but also because of the amount of news and special events that are allowing us to know what other great games are coming in the coming months. Xbox had its event with the surprise release of the fantastic Hi-Fi Rushwhile Nintendo did the same days ago with a Nintendo Direct with good announcements and some surprises. Today PlayStation has been in charge of sharing news about a new State of Play that… well, it has had some interesting trailer, but certainly, it has been far from the expected level in an event of these characteristics.

With a start focused entirely on the PS VR2 virtual reality Just hitting stores, Sony has shown off some of the games that are coming soon to its new VR headset, but without any big names or announcements that really make an impact. There have been very interesting trailers like the one for the action game Synapsewhich looks downright spectacular, or the game based on Isaac Asimov’s The Foundation, which is also one of those worth putting on the radar.

But what about the surprises? It is true that to date there have been no clues that point to this, but if you aspire to reach the largest number of players with virtual reality, wouldn’t it be logical to go for the most successful VR game? I mean, of course, formidable Half Life Alyxwhich is still PC exclusive. Without a doubt, his announcement on PS VR2 would be a real bombshell… that hasn’t arrived yet.

Known games that can be seen again

Speaking of surprises, although it was great to see the cinematic trailer for the promising destiny 2 lightfallas well as the new videos of Street Fighter 6 and Resident Evil 4 Remake, this State of Play has needed to show some exciting news for the coming months. Don’t get me wrong. The two sets of Capcom They have enough category to excite anyone, but they have been seen in so many events that they have been “losing strength” as long as we know them thoroughly. Still, what a trailer! That of RE4 Remake has served to confirm incidentally that the game will have Mercenaries Mode and a special demo, still undated, while that of Street Fighter VI makes it clear that Capcom’s promises to be one of the most spectacular and fun fighting games. of the moment.

The State of Play has been the scenario chosen to once again show the strange humanitya game from the authors of Rez and Tetris Effect, which is now scheduled to be released on PC, PS4 and PS5 (with compatibility with PS VR2), and has just released a demo for a limited time until February 6 that allows us to test first hand this curious action and puzzle game in which, with a shiba dog, we must guide humanity with a style of play that at first reminds us of the mythical Lemmings, but then it becomes more chaotic and intense because there is also action with great fights.

The Suicide Squad leaves more doubts than joys

Being the new game from the authors of the Batman Arkham saga, closing an event with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League should be cause for joy. More with the desire that there was to know once and for all how to play this new action title of rocksteady. However, after seeing its extensive gameplay, the Suicide Squad game has not managed to excite as expected.

The Suicide Squad game has failed to excite as expected

With his commitment to action and shootings with four player cooperative, Suicide Squad seems to be a lot of fun due to its frenetic action and the great mobility of its protagonists, who can jump from one place to another throughout Metropolis. And even so, not a few fans have shown their discontent by feeling that the game is quite generic in its way of presenting the combats between these anti-heroes and Brainiac’s forces.

We will have to wait to be able to fully play this long-awaited Rocksteady game, but it is clear that it has not had the successful presentation that we all would have wanted. And with this game, 45 minutes of a State of Play have closed that has shown interesting games… but without surprises, without anything truly exciting apart from games that are already widely watched. Which makes you wonder if it was really necessary to organize an event of these characteristics to show what they have shown. Hopefully soon we will have a PlayStation Showcase or another similar event that, this time, will make us jump for joy.

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