All the ‘reggaeton players’ that have made ‘La Reina del Flow’ possible

The second season of the hit Colombian telenovela is now available in full on Netflix, but it seems that there are no plans to make a third installment.

It triumphed with the debut of its first installment and now, several years later, The Queen of Flow once again sweeps Netflix subscribers with its second season. The new installment, of 89 episodes, was released on the streaming platform on November 17 and it didn’t take long to get hold of it. Top 1 of the most popular in Spain. And it promises to stay for a while, because Netflix has not hesitated a second to make season 2 in its entirety available to its subscribers.

There is no better proof that she was looking forward to it. Released last spring of 2021 on its original channel in Colombia, the famous fiction starring Carolina Ramírez, María José Vargas and Carlos Torres has not been able to be the object of international distribution until it has come to an end on Caracol Televisión. Now we can finally know what new blows fate has in store for its protagonist, Yeimi Montoya, who has to continue to face the threat of Charlie Flow even with the man who ruined his life behind bars.

Will there be season 3 of ‘La Reina del Flow’?

The arms of crime are long in The Queen of Flow and the singer and drug trafficker has more than enough contacts that can carry out his revenge. Meanwhile, Yeimi, Juancho and her son will have to keep their eyes open and move their chips to achieve their only goal of being happy and recovering what was taken from them.

There will be time to talk about endings and what fate will bring to Yeimi at the end of the season 2 of The Queen of Flow. At the momentIts origins seem as or more interesting to us and as a story of love, revenge and a lot of reggaeton rhythm, it became a mass phenomenon.

Sure, Yeimi and Charlie have all the flow they need for it, but they wouldn’t have had it without a whole list of professional ‘reggaeton’ artists who inspired them and allowed them to The Queen of Flow was a reality. Who are they? Take note below:


‘The queen of flow 2’: What artist is Charly Flow, the protagonist of the Netflix series, in real life?


The first that would come to mind even without having mentioned it Carlos Torres, the actor who plays the main antagonist of The Queen of Flow and the main culprit for Yeimi’s fall from grace. It reminds us of Maluma Charlie Flow so much that many fans even came to think that the Colombian singer’s life was being told in the series.

It is not like that, but the artist was one of the main influences used by Torres to create his character, and so he assured in statements to Kienyke collected by SensaCine Mexico. In them, Torres cited various artists and even confessed that he had drawn a lot from consulting social networks and all kinds of material on the internet from the famous ‘reggaeton players’:

In my personal case, I had many references. Let’s say that, during filming, I lived updated with everything that was happening with most of the artists of the urban genre, especially the Colombians like J Balvin, Maluma, Piso 21 and Reykon


Another of those cited by Torres, with whom his character shares the courage to leave his country of origin behind to travel to the United States and begin to forge a career as an artist.

“He lived attentive to their lives, their social networks, especially to try to get into their jargon a little, in that flow they handle, in that way of dressing, that way of expressing themselves,” the interpreter continued in an interview with Kienyke.

And it is that, as he also explained to The voice of Galicia, Although they are both Colombian, belonging to different cities makes them have very different accents. Flow, like Balvin, is from Medellín, so he had to work on his accent a lot.


Reykon is also named by the Colombian actor, also known as “El Líder”, a composer and singer of ‘reggaeton’ who at just 26 years old already has a whole legion of fans who have even called themselves “reykonistas”.


Another of the great influences in the art of Carlos Torres to get into the skin of Charlie Flow is Piso 21. In this case, not a solo artist but a music group from Medellín formed by four young people who succeed combining pop and reggaeton. .

It has worked for them and Torres has served as inspiration for the most pop part of his character. He also connects with them the neighborhood origins of Charlie Flow, since, like the members of Piso 21, he comes from a place where there is a lot of talent but a lack of opportunities.


He achieved fame within Latin America and Spain with the well-known theme A lady like you, which differs from other artists in the world of ‘Reggaeton’ by betting on more romantic lyrics and compositions. And that is precisely what made Torres also notice him. “It was important to highlight that face of this music,” he explained to The voice of Galicia.


For the more romantic and leisurely side of Charly Flow, a facet that is also explored in the Caracol TV series, Carlos Torres also looked at the Colombian artist Sebastián Yatra. An artist more identified with the Latin popo and famous for his ballads


Carolina Ramírez is Yeimi Montoya.

‘The Queen of Flow 2’: Who is Yeimi Montoya in real life, protagonist of the Netflix series?

Not only artists related to ‘reggaeton’ inspired the protagonists of The Queen of Flow. Also great exponents of urban music were the source of inspiration for Carolina Ramírez, who places a versatile American artist as the first on her list of influences.


The first thing I did to start building Yeimi Montoya, ‘La reina del flow’, was to establish real references and some very clear ones appeared before me. The first to emerge was Jennifer López, and as soon as I saw her I knew that that was the style I wanted to give the character

Ramirez left it loud and clear in an interview with The viewer on the occasion of the premiere of the first season.

The New York artist of Puerto Rican parents was born in the Bronx, one of the slums of Manhattan, but with her great talent she managed to become one of the most sought-after Latin artists. His musical style is different, but Ramirez finds similarities with his character in terms of origins and also his age.


“Although later I investigated wonderful behaviors of Ivy Queen”, added after mentioning Lopez. The veteran rapper from Puerto Rico is considered the “queen of reggaeton” and has established herself in the industry for her great talent.

I like Ivy Queen and the Queen of Flow has a lot of her


And finally, Karol G. Winner of one of the prestigious Latin Grammys in 2018 as the best new singer. It also has a lot to do with Yeimi Montoya because of her origins and artistic career, like Jennifer Lopez, although with Karol G. she does share nationality.

Both were born and raised in Medellín in the 90s and ventured into the world of music in adolescence. Fortunately for Karol G., he did not hit the road with any Charlie Flow.

REMEMBER: The two seasons of The Queen of Flow are available on Netflix.

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