‘All the Times We Fall in Love’ is devoured in 6 hours and fans are already asking for season 2: What is the future of the series on Netflix?

The streaming platform will have to make a decision about the Spanish romantic series that has swept the catalog in its first week.

Netflix had the perfect series to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14 and did not hesitate to choose such an important date for its debut. Is called All the times we fell in love and there is no doubt that you have already heard about it: since its debut last week the new series from the creator of Elite and The mess you leave Carlos Montero quickly made its way to the Top 1 of the most popular on the streaming platform. Including the long-awaited first half of the fourth season of youwhose glory, at least in our country, has barely lasted a breath.

Starring Georgina Amorós, Franco Masini, Albert Salazar, Carlos González, Roser Vilajosana and Blanca Jiménez, All the Times We Fall in Love is not only working like a shot in our country, but also It is also being a discovery for Netflix subscribers in Argentinacountry of origin of its male protagonist, very popular on the other side of the pond but facing his first leading role in a Spanish series.

In all the times we fell in love Carlos Montero breaks away from the ‘thriller’ genre that was so present in his previous works to introduce us to a pure romantic comedy that has quickly put the public in the pocket with the love story of its protagonists, of course, but also -and even more- with a story of friendship without barriers and full of ‘millennial’ nostalgia that has become one of its most differentiating elements. People adore Irene and Julio, yes, but the connection with Da, Jimena and company has been brutal.

The eight episodes of All the times we fell in love It is in just six hours and, as many fans have not hesitated to share on networks, it is inevitable not to devour it mercilessly. Some have also started calling for a second season, but what future holds for All the times we fell in love on netflix?

Will ‘All the Times We Fall in Love’ have season 2?

At the moment it has not been confirmed if All the times we fell in love it will have season 2, but it is not strange, since the series has just been released and the streaming platform will need to assess a series of data for several weeks to confirm to what extent it has been a success on Netflix.

Some time ago, Netflix barely provided data on its audiences, but now we know that for the streaming platform, not only the number of viewing hours or how many of its subscribers start watching a series is especially important, but also to know how many of these people They have been hooked to the end. And it makes sense: those are the people who, if the series is renewed, will see it again when it returns to the platform with a new season.

Another detail to keep in mind is: Does the season 1 finale leave All the times we fell in love the open door for a season 2? Totally yes, with the protagonist, Irene (Georgina Amorós) in the present and about to take one of the most important steps in her life, receiving an irresistible proposal from the person she has loved so many times in the past.

Thus, All the Times We Fall in Love leaves the ground paved for season 2. The ball is in your court, Netflix.