An AI imagines ‘Spirited Away’ as a live action movie and its result is shocking and incredible

Studio Ghibli / Midjourney

Artificial Intelligence is reaching a point that is even scary about how it can create images based on simple texts. The last to receive a live action version through AI has been the mythical and acclaimed anime film Spirited Away and its result is shocking and incredible.

Spirited Away

Spirited Away

Release date

October 18, 2002

2h 05min

Directed by
Hayao Miyazaki

Rumi Hiiragi,
Miyu Irino,
Mari Natsuki


The story introduces us to Chihiro, a girl who is on a journey with her parents until they come across a mysterious place that ends up becoming a magical world where the gods and creatures of Japan travel. Especially to the hot springs, where they go to relax. It is there where she will have to work to get a cure for her parents who have turned into pigs for eating the food of the gods.

Studio Ghibli is characterized mainly by its animation and I don’t think it is very inclined to make live action movies, but an AI has already imagined what it would be like and you can see its result below: