An attempt at reconciliation between Harry and the royal family before the coronation of Charles III?

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A meeting between Harry and the rest of the British Royal Family is reportedly being considered ahead of Charles III’s coronation in May in a bid to ease tensions, following the release of the prince’s explosive memoir.

“All parties will have to be flexible, but it’s possible, it’s fixable,” said a source close to King Charles III and Harry quoted by the British newspaper The Sunday Times. The latter evokes the possibility of a meeting between Harry, his father Charles and his brother William, before the coronation on May 6.

Harry’s book, titled “The Substitute”, is off to a flying start in bookstores. Charles III’s youngest son spares no one, especially not his two-year-old brother, whom he describes as “the best enemy”. Officially, Buckingham Palace has been silent since the release of the book, which is bad.

“The king needs to have the way clear before the coronation”

But according to the source quoted by the Times, “we have to move on and have it resolved by April”. “The king needs to have the way clear before the coronation,” she said. According to another source quoted by the newspaper, Harry and Meghan must be invited to the coronation so that the family dispute does not become a “distraction” that overshadows the ceremony.

Harry and Meghan left the royal family in 2020 and now live in the United States. According to a recent YouGov poll, they are now even more unpopular than Prince Andrew, brother of Charles III dismissed from the monarchy after a sex scandal.