An expansion selling more than 5 million? Sunbreak is a success for Monster Hunter Rise, although it is still far from the best seller in the saga – Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Since its original release for Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter Rise became one of the most successful games in the RPG saga of Capcomand with the arrival of the title on PC and the launch of sunbreak, the great expansion of the work, the sales figures have not stopped rising since then. Now, Rise will be released on PlayStation and Xbox, but first you have to look at the commercial data.

The Japanese company responsible for the game has shared a new Press release in which the sales of the expansions of the Monster Hunter franchise are updated, and it stands out above all that Sunbreak has surpassed 5 million sales. These are data obtained from the sum of physical and digital sales of the game, taking into account that at the moment it is only available on Switch and PC.

Iceborne has already reached 10 million sales

This is one million more than the number revealed in August 2022, where it was said that the expansion had 4 million. However, it is still far from icebornethe expansion of Monster Hunter World who has confirmed having passed the 10 million copies sold Worldwide. The account of Twitter from the Japanese RPG saga has shared the following image to thank the support From Hunters to Sunbreak:


Rise comes to PlayStation and Xbox

As we said at the beginning, these data have been shared days before Monster Hunter Rise is finally released on more platformswhen the next one comes 26 of January a ps4, PS5, Xbox One Y Xbox Series X|S. In this way, it adds to the versions available on Nintendo Switch (where it was originally launched) and PC, although it is worth noting that I play It will also come to Game Pass from launch day on Xbox platforms.

The title will have different visual and technical improvements that will be much more evident in the new generation of consoles, reaching on PS5 and Xbox Series X the 4K resolution and 60 FPS, although it will also offer the option to play at 1080p with a performance of 120 FPS. These next-gen versions will also have other additions such as 3D audio support, and PS5 users will receive the implementation of haptic functionality with the DualSense adaptive triggers for ranged weapons and blocks with a shield.


Rise will be released with all the free updates that have reached version 10, although the launch of Sunbreak, the great expansion of the game that has led this news, will have to wait until spring of next year.