Ana Obregón proposes to resume ‘Ana and the 7’ in their reunion and the rest of the cast is clear: “It would be the bomb”

18 years have passed since the end of the successful TVE series and ‘Días de tele’ has wanted to celebrate it by bringing together the entire cast.

Who doesn’t remember the end of Ana and the 7? The wedding between its protagonists was the finishing touch for one of the most acclaimed Spanish series. Next May 30 marks the 18th anniversary of this farewell, which was seen by almost 5 million viewers. For this reason, the latest installment of TV days wanted to remember this unforgettable moment with the reunion of its protagonists: Ana Obregón, Roberto Álvarez, Noelia Ortega, Claudia Molina, the twins Alejandro and Guillermo Gallego, Aarón Guerrero, Ruth Rodríguez and Nerea García.

Ana Obregón visited the set of Julia Otero’s program to remember the most special moments of Ana and the 7. The protagonist and creator of the successful series explained to the presenter that It had been many years since the entire cast had been seen of fiction. A reunion that happened yesterday to the surprise of the actress. Despite the fact that it was via video call, this was a meeting that was highly anticipated by the viewers.

Before knowing that she would speak to the little ones, Ana Obregón assured that the “series would not have been the same without the team of actors I had and the technical team. I haven’t seen them for a long time, I talk to the children from time to timebut without them it would have been impossible.” At that time, the actress spoke with Roberto Álvarez, who played Fernando, about the anecdotes of the filming.

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“I never told you. You know that my mother loved the series and during her last year of life she did not stop watching episodes. But my father always told me, Why don’t you find a man like Fernando?“, commented the biologist to the laughter of those present. They also remembered the moment of recording the wedding and how Ana Obregón’s mother cried when she saw her “dressed in white”.

A possible reboot?

Ana Obregón was speechless when she heard how Otero announced the presence of “the 7 children”. “What are you saying? I don’t believe it. But please,” the actress cheered in surprise. And it is that, her face said it all and it was the same one that the spectators had in her house. A television moment that caused a great nostalgia in the audience, and in Ana Obregón herself.

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The emotion led Ana Obregón to propose an event that many fans of the series are waiting for. “Would you agree to resume the series?” Asked the actress. And the response was forceful from most of the protagonists: “it would be very cool”, “a series like this deserves it” or “it would be the bomb”. Although the biologist wanted to make it clear that they would have to change the name, since they would return with grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

What is clear is that it would no longer be ‘Ana y los 7’, it would be ‘Ana y los 17’

We live in a time where ‘reboots’ and ‘spin-offs’ of successful series are the order of the day, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Ana and the 7 returned. Where do I have to sign up for it?

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