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In this movie, Vinod, an Indian cricketer, is being coached by a person who does not belong to him. At this point in his life, Vinod gets calls from an unknown person to his landline number; this person knows some secret about amusement.

Manasi tells Vinod to see renowned psychiatrist Dr. Indra (Kumar Natarajan) for help at the insistence of his girlfriend Manasi (Misha Koshal).

Vinod obtains the contact information of Dr. Indra from the sister of his friend Pradeep who continues to use the number of Dr. Indra’s office.

In Pooja, we see the librarian Selvam, a psychiatrist, and a cricketer. What are the connections between them?

Andhaghaaram movie download

I was fascinated by the way the newcomer Vignarajan handled the wonderful story of 4 people, each with his own history, each with a huge resemblance to another.

A lot of work has been put into each character. Each actor has also realized their roles and acted out their characters.

Arjun Das dazzles the audience with his portrayal of a blind librarian. Vinod triumphs in the role of a blind librarian. Pooja and Kumar Natarajan captivate us with their performances. Pradeep Kumar deserves praise for his music film.

It seemed to me that the way the stories of these four people are interconnected is not right. The length of the film is too long.

With the film s lack of shocking twists and special effects, there arises the question of whether to sit patiently and watch it. It does t take us by total surprise.