Angela Bassett’s reaction to losing the Oscar goes viral: “Cold as ice”

Jamie Lee Curtis has been the winner of the award for Best Supporting Actress for ‘Everything at the same time everywhere’.

Jamie Lee Curtis has won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress by Everything at once everywhere.

The interpreter, who won the award just after Ke Huy Quan’s castmate got the Best Supporting Actor, has been moved giving his speech. However, more than Curtis’s words, what has begun to go viral on Twitter is the reaction of Angela Bassett, another of the nominees, upon losing the award.

While the other interpreters of the candidacy applauded or smiled when Curtis’s name was announced, Bassett has barely flinched.

“Cold as Ice” and “strange” have been some of the adjectives used to describe the attitude of the interpreter, nominated for her role as the Queen Ramonda in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

In addition to Curtis and Bassett, the Best Supporting Actress category included Kerry Condon among the nominees for Banshees by InisherinHong Chau by The Whale and Stephanie Hsu for Everything at once everywhere. The latter, of course, was very happy that Curtis won the award.

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