Anger, reproaches and humiliation: testimonies come out on the Hanouna method in TPMP

the essential
A journalistic investigation highlights the practices of Cyril Hanouna towards the columnists, of his essential program, “Touche pas à mon poste”. In the middle of the omerta which is law, some testimonies translate the hold that the animator/producer can have on his troops.

“The Hanouna tyranny told from the inside”. This is how our colleagues from The Express presented the survey they published on Tuesday, November 29 on the media empire of Cyril Hanouna and his flagship program, “Touche pas à mon poste” (TPMP). An investigation which follows, mainly, the resounding clash that occurred on Thursday, October 31 between the host and one of his former columnists, who became a deputy, Louis Boyard.

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After the latter criticized Vincent Bolloré live for his activities in Africa, Cyril Hanouna responded violently, uttering insults, propelling the case into high political circles. The following Monday, the host returned to the clash on his show. Supported without restraint by his columnists, he had displayed on the screen the sums collected by Louis Boyard during his visits to TPMP when he worked there.

For the authors of the survey, the sequence sounded for the chroniclers present on set “like a warning to those who would dare to criticize the show in turn”.

“Fear” of the animator

The Express also relays in his story some testimonies of former chroniclers on the “Homeric anger” that Cyril Hanouna can have. Obsessed with audiences, he doesn’t hesitate to tell them how “dumb” they were after a show he considers a failure, as Thierry Moreau (2010-2017) tells us.

Others speak more of the “humiliation” that one must accept to undergo to be part of the Hanouna system. But most of them don’t dare speak openly, or flatly refuse to testify out of “fear” of the host’s reaction. “I don’t want any trouble. Please don’t name me,” said one.

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If Cyril Hanouna has acquired the power to make whoever he wants “a star” thanks to his almost 2 million daily viewers, he does not hesitate, according to the survey, to go through intimidation, even “threats “, to harm the careers of those who turn their backs on him.