Anil Cooper married Sunita Kapoor after making 25 girlfriends, such is the interesting love story of both

Anil Cooper married Sunita Kapoor after making 25 girlfriends, such is the interesting love story of both

There are many such love stories in the corridors of the Bollywood film industry, which are an example for the people. Love at first glance … then eclipse and then marriage. This is not only done by films, it happens in real life too. Something similar happened with Anil Kapoor when he first saw Sunita Kapoor.

Seeing Sunita for the first time, Anil was able to give her his heart, but leave the marriage, it was very difficult for Anil to reach Anita first. But the actor did not give up and took power only by reaching his love destination.

Today, both of them have been married for 37 years, but even today their love for each other has not diminished. Let us tell you their interesting love story on the occasion of the wedding anniversary of Anil and Sunita.

There were 25 girlfriends before marriage…

Anil Kapoor dated a lot of girls before marriage. During an interview with Arjun Kapoor, Anil had told that he started having fun from school days. Anil did not like to study at all, so he used to sit in the canteen of the college. Then they dated 3-4 girls. After this, 20-25 girls became his girlfriends in the film industry, but Sunita was the best. He also gave my friend and then both of us got married.

In an interview given to Humans of Bombay in the year 2018, Anil made many revelations about his love story. Anil had told how he met Sunita for the first time and then the matter reached the wedding. Sunita’s number was given to the actor for a prank call by one of his friends, but when Anil spoke to Sunita, he fell in love with her voice.

After this, those people meet at a party and Anila liked Sunita at first glance. After this, the conversation between the two started and the two became friends. Earlier, Anil used to talk to Sunita about another girl whom he liked. But then the girl broke Anil’s heart and after this Sunita and actor bonding became strong.

Sunita used to spend …

Today, Anil may be the owner of crores but Anil Kapoor did not have money for taxi fare in his Struggling Days. Today, Anil may be the owner of crores, but in his Struggling Days, Anil Kapoor has up to the cost of a taxi. There was no money.

Sunita used to bear their huge expenses. At that time, Anil Cooper did not have anything special, he did not even have the money to give in his money cap when Sunit used to give money so that Anil did not have to travel by bus for hours to meet him.