Anti-sand compressors and its own communication network. The incredible city they had to create on the set of ‘Dune’.

Villeneuve’s team moved to Jordan to bring Frank Herbert’s novel to life and had to build a small community.

Rolling in the middle of a desert allows you to access impressive locations that seem taken from other worlds. For this very reason, it forces you to work in difficult conditions, without the usual comforts of western countries. But what difference does it make if it is the adaptation of Dune, one of the great science fiction stories, and have you found the ideal place to bring to life the vision you had the first time you read the novel?

That’s what Denis Villeneuve must have thought, taking his team to the middle of nowhere in Wadi Rum, Jordan, to bring the universe of the Atreides and Harkonnen to life. In order to support hundreds of people during the weeks that the recording lasted, they had to build a small town, with all the facilities they needed. This camp took, in turn, six weeks of construction and a large deployment.

“There is no infrastructure in that part of Jordan, just sand,” says Nick Oliver, location manager, in the production notes, “We need about six weeks and about 200 workers to build the base camp and make sure everything we need is there.”.

We created a huge infrastructure: portable booths, a mobile communication network and at the base of the main unit, and we built plaster booths instead of bringing trailers or trailers. And we had compressors so that the sand did not enter the equipment and electronic elements

They did not have to do this enormous job once, but rather had to reassemble the camp each time they had to move production. “As soon as we finished in one place, we moved back to the next unit base where we started again,” reveals Oliver.

Being able to give the team water and electricity was not the only aspect of shooting in the desert that they had to take into account. Having hundreds of people moving through the sand literally leaves its mark, so they hired people whose only task is to get the ground ready and prepared for the next scene. “As we had a team of about 400 people moving, we had to cover large areas so that there were no footprints “Notes the location manager, “The landscaping team worked closely with the live action team, sweeping footprints and making sure that anything we didn’t want to appear in the film, like plants and other vegetation, was hidden underneath. fake rocks. “

Dune it is available in the cinemas of Spain, with a luxury cast. Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Timothée Chalamet, Jason Momoa or Rebecca Ferguson are some of the names that appear in the film.

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