Antonio Gaset, the historical critic and director of ‘Film Days’, dies

His funny comments and his characteristic voice made him one of the voices of reference in cinematographic dissemination in Spain.

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“ANDthe pause is coming “was one of his most anticipated phrases in the program he directed Film Days in the two of RTVE. Just before sentencing with always surprising messages and reflections, in which he was dispatched at ease. Today, at the age of 75, Antonio Gasset, the critic who for decades fed cinephilia and disseminated cinema in Spain, came to a halt. But Gsset was much more than his film program that he presented until 2007. He was also an actor and deputy director of the TVE program ‘Informe Semanal’ and participated in several films from the 70s and early 80s, including Rapture.

The Film Academy confirmed his death with a tweet where he recalled that in 2011 he had recognized his outreach work with the Alfonso Sánchez Communication Award. He directed Days of Cinema since 1994, when he began to present it with Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, whom he himself replaced a year later, in 1995. There he continued until 2007 and received several awards. The program won the Television Academy Award for the best informative program (2002) and a special mention at the Ondas Awards in 1997.

TThe RTVE website has also dedicated an exciting text to him this afternoon in which he recalled how the idea of ​​his lapidary phrases in his film program came up completely spontaneously:

“One of my main addictions is humor. It has saved me from great catastrophes. This, together with a certain slyness and bad grape typical of me, prompted me to make those comments. In the years that I have been doing leads, I have never dedicated more five minutes to think what I’m going to say, “Gasset himself said in an interview.

And he also recognized that he was never really a die-hard movie buff:

The truth is that in my life there has always been a certain and nice imposture. I adore and love movies, but I’ve never been a crazed movie buff

He said goodbye to his audience since the Berlin Festival in 2007, when the ERE in the public body made a dent in the corporation.

As an actor, he participated in some minor films of the Madrid bohemian of the 80s, specifically in films by Iván Zulueta, director of, in addition to in this cult film, he participated with a minor role in Un, dos, tres … al escondite English (1970).