AOP Roquefort in all its forms!

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AOP Roquefort has launched a culinary competition in which two chefs from Aveyron compete. The theme ? The association of Roquefort and sweet flavors and Roquefort and vegetables. The winner will be known on March 27.

Since December 2022, AOP Roquefort has launched a culinary battle between Noëmie Honiat and Quentin Bourdy. The Chef couple from Aveyron competed on recipes combining Roquefort and sweet flavors then Roquefort and vegetable.

Roquefort associated with spices

Each Chief has already won a battle. One point everywhere, ball in the center! The last battle broadcast from Monday March 13 will be decisive. For this third and final round, each Chef, accompanied by an amateur candidate, will combine Roquefort with Spices. Cardamom or Curry, Roquefort will blend subtly with amazing flavors. The first battles broadcast on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube were followed by more than 9.5 million Roquefort fans.

The winner designated on March 27

The second round was won by Noëmie Honiat, with a recipe for a Roquefort pie and seasonal vegetables. Quentin Bourdy offered us a Roquefort and Carrot mousseline. Who will win on March 27 and emerge victorious from this Roquefort culinary battle? The name of the winner will be revealed that day on our social networks: @RoquefortAOP.

In the meantime, you can find the last two recipes from the Chefs on the website