‘Aquaman 2’: Amber Heard was almost replaced by the “lack of chemistry” with Jason Momoa

The actress has returned to life as Mera in the sequel to the DC superhero, but says that they have “taken a lot” of her role.

Amber Heard is almost replaced in Aquaman 2 by “lack of chemistry” with Jason Momoa, according to the interpreter’s representative. The actress, who debuted in the dc cinematic universe What Mere with a small appearance in League of Justice and then repeated as a co-star in Aquamanis in full legal battle with her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean has sued Heard for 50 million dollars for defamation. The actress wrote a text about her experience as a survivor of domestic violence that was published in Washington Post. Although he never mentions Depp, the actor and his legal team establish that the reference is clear and that it has damaged the reputation and career of the interpreter.

During one of the days of the trial in which Heard has testified, the actress said that her role in Aquaman 2 was reduced. Also that he had to fight to continue being part of the film. Now your agent Jessica Kovacevich has testified about how Heard’s career has changed following her split from Depp. The actor and Heard were married in 2015 and the interpreter filed for divorce in 2016 and a restraining order accusing Depp of physical and verbal abuse.

In 2020, Depp lost a libel lawsuit against the tabloid The Sun for calling him a “wife beater.” The sentence established that it is “substantially correct” to refer to him in that way.

In a pre-recorded statement Kovacevic shared his belief that Warner Bros. wanted to replace Heard in the role of Mera with the bad press related to their separation. However, according to the representative, the studio cited Heard’s lack of chemistry with Momoa -Arthur Curry/Aquaman in the DC Cinematic Universe- as the reason why they were considering finding another actress for the role.

‘Aquaman 2’: Amber Heard Says Scenes Was Taken From Her After Johnny Depp’s ‘Smear Campaign’

In Kovacevic’s opinion, despite the fact that the study never mentioned Heard’s breakup as the reason for not wanting to continue counting on her, they did not want “hire someone who had a bad press”. “Nobody wants that association,” she added.

Although Heard has finally shot scenes for the film, the actress assures that her role was “cut” significantly with respect to the original versions of the script. The actress told last Monday during the trial that she had to fight “very hard” to keep her career after her ex-partner carried out “a slander campaign” and a “sophisticated public relations machinery” against her .

“They gave me a script and then they gave me new versions of the script in which they had cut action scenes with my character and other characters. Without saying ‘spoilers’, two characters fighting each other, and basically they’ve taken quite a bit of my roleHeard said.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom -official title of the sequel-, directed by James Wan, plans to hit theaters in 2023.

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