Ariège: apprentice slammers at the IME of Saint-Jean-du-Falga thanks to in partnership with Art’Cade

the essential
A group of a dozen young people from the IME are working on a beautiful project alongside the artist Madhi Serie. Objective: to perform at the end of the year on the Art’Cade stage.

The medical-professional institute of Saint-Jean-du-Falga hosted the artist Mahdi Serie for a week. Creative artist, curious, versatile, loving to explore all forms of art, he literally juggles with words.
After a day at the IME, everyone gathered on the Art’Cade music stage in Sainte-Croix-Volvestre where they will perform with the artist at the end of the year. A partnership between Art’Cade and the culture department of Adapei at the origin of the project entitled “The Art of R’IME”.

Christophe Tougeron, psychomotrician specifies that participation is on a voluntary basis. Each of the residents writes his text by addressing the theme that inspires him. They write down his dreams, his feelings and his inspirations. With great patience, a lot of compassion and pedagogy, Madhi helps each of the 12 participants to line up words, sometimes to express pain. He takes up and rereads the texts by giving them a rhythm, an emotion, helping them in the pronunciation of the most difficult words.

Evoke his dreams, his aspirations… but also his relationship to autonomy

The atmosphere is studious, everyone listens to the advice of the artist who uses all means to help apprentice slammers improve their diction. Shyness, fear, stage fright give way to words, to sentences that follow one another, revealing smiles as a sign of punctuation.
The themes chosen are often dreams (gardener, policeman, singer, pilot…) but also the values ​​of friendship and love. The texts touch when they speak with their heart of autonomy, of the ambiguity of independence, of the desire to do things alone. When the words no longer come out, no mockery, the comrades and the artist are there to help, support and restore confidence.

According to Mahdi, who shares his art with passion, this exercise requires a lot of effort. “It is necessary to draw energy from deep within to find confidence. Being on stage will allow them to discover a new world and feel at ease. The way we look at them will influence their abilities, they have to feel in your look that it’s possible. Not seeing the limits of the person and coming to terms with who they are, allows the handicap to be erased. »