Ariège: Toulouse rapper Bigflo impressed by a Realo clip

Thursday January 12, 2023, the Toulousain Bigflo (Florian Ordonez of his real name) was the guest of the show “En Cuisine” on the Twitch channel of Domingo. For nearly 3 hours, the rapper and the streamer, who have already crossed paths on several occasions and in particular during the last Zevent organized by Zerator, which had raised more than 10 million euros, discussed their daily lives. All while making empanadas at the same time.

“He has better clips than us”

During the conversation and direct questions from Domingo spectators, the rapper spoke about his music label “Bonne étoile” which he launched in 2020 with his brother Olivio, on the upcoming tour and on many other subjects.

During this exchange where streamer and rapper took the time to deepen the subjects, Bigflo mentioned in particular having been impressed by a clip of the artist from Ariège Realo: “The artists of the new generation, they manage to make clips, you feel like they cost a blind while they did this with 3,000 euros. There’s some really awesome stuff. I saw the clip from an artist called Realo where he’s flying in the city. He has better clips than us! He flies around the city, he goes around the city, he has powers. And all thanks to his friends, resourcefulness and a few tutorials on Adobe After Effects.”

A nice nod to the Lavelanétien’s “F*uck You” clip, which has 28,000 views on YouTube.