Ary Abittan indicted for rape: Claude Lelouch will not cut the actor in the editing

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Ary Abittan, indicted for rape, plays in Claude Lelouch’s new film Love is better than life, in theaters this Wednesday, January 19. The latter wanted to support the actor by keeping him in the editing.

Director Claude Lelouch told the Parisian that he had refused to cut Ary Abittan from the editing of his new film Love is better than life. The actor has been indicted for rape since November 2 and placed under judicial supervision. “Obviously, the decision-makers told us: ‘We have to change…’ They told me: ‘TV no longer buys films with Ary Abittan'”.

Since the revelation of the case and its indictment, Ary Abittan has had several roles removed, but Claude Lelouch explained that he wanted to help a friend and believe in the presumption of innocence. “Do you realize? I’m not going to listen to these things. Besides, I’m a faithful friend. My friends can count on me when they’re going badly. At the moment, what Ary is going through is is a nightmare,” said the 84-year-old director.

“I believe in justice. For the moment, the presumption of innocence must play. If he did something stupid, he must be punished. But friendship is a word that has meaning . So, there is no question that I cut a scene”, wanted to affirm the director in the columns of the Parisian.