“Ask me again in five years”: Before an ‘Avatar’ spin-off hits Disney+, James Cameron needs this change to happen

The director has explained the reason why, right now, it does not make sense to transfer the characters of his franchise to projects destined for the streaming platform.

Streaming platforms have become a very important element for all those who enjoy movies and series. Many of them have also allowed certain franchises to expand beyond the billboards. An example is the marve cinematic universel, who in 2021 began his career in television series with WandaVision. Also Star Wars He has done it with titles like The Mandalorian and andor. As you can see, both examples have a common denominator: Disney+.

The arrival of the Mickey Mouse House ‘streaming’ platform has expanded universes of today’s very powerful franchises and, of course, with the return of Avatar the question is: what about the world created by James Cameron? The director has answered that question and unfortunately, not an option at present.

The filmmaker has explained that the cost of creating a character in his franchise prevents something like a fiction or another project about Avatar make sense. However, it does not close the door to the fact that in the future, when things become faster and cheaper, it is a possibility.

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“Right now, the economy makes it pointless to spin-off our main characters for television”Starts at Los Angeles Times.

As it explains:

But the cost of these things will progressively come down as we introduce rapid machine learning into the process and make it more automated. ask me again in five years

Therefore, now is not the time to think about ‘spin-offs’ of Avatar. However, the success of the sequel the sense of water -the third highest grossing film in cinema history– puts this possibility in the future.

We will have to wait what happens with the rest of the installments, since the plans are brand new avatar 3, avatar 4 and Avatar 5. If the continuation of the saga continues to bear fruit and technology advances, it is possible that Pandora will expand even more on Disney +.

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