Atomic Heart shows what the Spanish dubbing is like and reveals the time we can start playing – Atomic Heart

There are only three days left for us to enjoy one of the most promising games of this 2023, Atomic Heart. It is a work that has surprised the world due to its great personality, since it intends to narrate a alternate history of the soviet union that will not leave us indifferent. We recently told you about a multitude of important details, but now they have shown us a small test of the dubbing and the schedule.

As has been taught by Munfish official Twitter accountwe can start playing Atomic Heart on February 21 at 00:01 in the morning, according to the Spanish peninsular time. In addition to this, they have confirmed that the game will come dubbed in up to 9 languages: English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish and Portuguese.

It is from the second 00:31 where we can see a sample of the Spanish dubbing, and with the little that they have shown us, it seems to be very promising. Even so, the PLAION Spain official account has detailed the voice actors that will be available in Atomic Heart. Without going any further, the protagonist will fold it Roberto Encinas (regular voice of Jason Momoa). He is followed by other prominent professionals.

Another actor will be Char-Les, played by Adolfo Pastor (Hades in Horizon Zero Dawn). We will also have the voice of Eugenio Barona as Dr. Sechenov (Lord Isshin Ashina in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice). Inma Gallego will voice Dr. Larisa Filatova (Kamala Khan in Marvel’s Avengers). Juan Soler will play Viktor Petrov (Han Solo in Star Wars Battlefront II). In addition, Paloma Escola will provide the voice of Baba Zina (Lady Mariposa in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice). Finally, Jesús Barreda will play Michael Stockhausen (Claptrap in Borderlands).

More details of Atomic Heart

The latest news we’ve gotten from Atomic Heart is that they’re so ambitious that they want to distance themselves from BioShock with a unique world. The game composer announced that there will be donations for those affected by the war in Ukraine. Likewise, the last trailer they published made it clear that they are not into using the wand, and prefer brute force.