Attention, if you pick mushrooms in this municipality, you will have to pay a tax

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In northern Catalonia, not far from Andorra and Ariège, the mayor of the town of Alins has decided to regulate mushroom picking. A “tax” was put in place for those who wanted to practice.

A “lack of control”. It is in these terms that the municipality of Alins, located in Catalonia, wished to justify its strong decision to “tax” mushroom pickers. In this town, located not far from Andorra and Ariège, the mayor, Manel Pérez, wants to regulate picking to fight against those who “destroy the forests”. “There are people who do business” with picking “large quantities”: too large in any case for this elected Catalan.

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The mayor has therefore decided to introduce a tax. In this town, mushroom pickers will have to pay no less than 5 euros a day if they want to indulge in this practice, as our colleagues from The Independent. This will be limited to 10 kilograms of goods, no more! And the measure is valid in both public and private spaces. According to the decree, picking is prohibited “from one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset”.

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In France also the activity is regulated. In some spaces, a request for authorization is necessary. Depending on the locality, picking can be limited to 3 to 5 kg per day and per person.