Auch. TF1 meets the magician of the Gers windows

Here is a man who deserves the detour. Laurent Ladevèze, this magician who, with a few cans of paint and brushes, transforms Christmas windows in front of you. It is entering its 30th year of window decoration. To its credit, there are more than 4,000 showcases, around a hundred per year. Large brands, like small shops, for the end of the year celebrations … Two months working almost 7 days a week, sometimes very early in the day for supermarkets in the Gers and elsewhere.

It deserved a little report on his immense talent. Perrine Mislanghe, Dépêche News journalist and correspondent for TF1, accompanied by Marion on camera, enjoyed themselves last Friday at the Endoumingue shopping center in Auch where Laurent created 6 windows including the one very popular with the Rançon butcher or tobacco press with the Sainte-Marie cathedral as a beautiful backdrop. The report will pass this week on the 1 p.m. newscast on TF1.

Laurent Ladevèze, whose workshop can be visited in Montesquiou, will be present at the Mirande Christmas market on Sunday 12 December.