Aveyron. Laguiole knives in the series that breaks all records?

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Several Internet users have recognized the famous Aveyron knives in the South Korean series with global success, “Squid Game”.

Since its launch on the Netflix platform, the South Korean television series Squid Game invades the planet and panics all counters! Seventeen days after it was uploaded, it already had 111 million views, much better than The Bridgerton Chronicle, Sex Education, Lupin or The Money Heist. A bloody series with stunning graphics, it features 456 people in the throes of money problems. Gathered in the same place under the supervision of masked men in red overalls, they participate in children’s games (one, two, three sun, tug of war, marbles…) to hope to hit the jackpot. The catch: the losers of each game are executed on the spot because in the end, there should only be one left.

A Laguiole knife… from Thiers!

And like all the great successes of the small screen, all the scenes of the nine episodes have been analyzed, dissected, deciphered. And as surprising as it may seem: many Internet users thought they saw a piece of Aveyron in this global success!

Indeed, during the penultimate episode, the last three survivors are given a knife in their hands by the organizers of the game. And it would be a… Laguiole. Chain Youtube “Knives and stells”, specialized in the culture linked to cutlery, is even convinced of this and presents it as “a big publicity stunt for the Laguiole”. Based on several screenshots, we can indeed recognize all the characteristics of the famous Aveyron knife, from its slightly angular blade shape to the typical bee.

So where can these Laguiole knives come from? By zooming in on one of the scenes, Internet users managed to read the inscriptions on them. And it would be written “Laguiole, Jean Néron, made in France”. The famous knives would therefore come from the Jean Néron cutlery, located near… Thiers. And not from Aveyron. Asked about this presence in the series on its Facebook page, the Laguiole forge has also indicated that the knives “had not been manufactured” At her place. And to continue, not without humor: “Fortunately, these are not the knives from our forge in this series. In our village, the traditional knife represents a valuable object that is passed down from generation to generation and we prefer to cut a good piece of cheese with…”

Series Squid Game could therefore in turn revive the quarrels over the geographical indication of Laguiole. Remember that the Aveyron knife manufacturers’ union recently initiated an IG request in order to protect itself from counterfeits.