Baboo music, label made in 47, talent scout

the essential
For 8 years, the label created by Aurélie Cabret and Esthen Dehut has continued to develop, among their latest finds, the self-taught duo Kosma.

Jules and Caroline are twins, they share a passion for music since their childhood. Conservatory, pieces at home, music is omnipresent in their lives, but it was not until 2020 that they decided to embark on “their great adventure”.

“We met just before confinement. We took advantage of this period to convert the bottom of our parents’ house into a studio”, says Caroline. Then begins a real creative marathon for the duo. The twins like challenges and challenge themselves to post a video every two days, in the midst of a health crisis where culture is at a standstill.

A boldness that seduced Aurélie Cabrel and Esthen Dehut, at the head of the Astaffort label Baboo Music. “We sent our songs to many labels, but they were the ones who told us that they liked the project and that they had watched all the videos,” says Jules. “They liked our creative side and the fact that we do everything from A to Z, a week later, we were in Astaffort”, completes his twin.

For Baboo music, the main thing is to “favor the human, the listening and the understanding of the artist, in order to sublimate together the universe that best suits him” and it seems that Kosma has found his account there, seeing in it the possibility of expressing all their originality and even… of looking for themselves.

“We are in our delirium and they are super understanding, they let us look for ourselves and it’s admirable”, underlines Jules. Indeed, the duo asked that their first self-produced album be withdrawn from sale while they find their new sound. “We have a lot of influences, it goes from urban music to classical via pop. We like the fresh, futuristic side (which breaks the vintage side) and deliver positive messages, pushing people to surpass themselves”, comments the duo Kosma.

And it shows in their colorful, entirely self-produced music videos. The universe is lively, dancing, and everything is thought out for the stage, for what the duo calls “the Kosma show”. “We always have the stage in our sights”, confirms Jules.

But to discover Kosma on stage, it will take a little patience, for now, it’s time for creation!