‘Babylon’ is one of the flops of the year, but many agree that it is a “wonder” and will be a cult film

Directed by Damien Chazelle, the film -with Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie- tells the madness of the 20s in Hollywood. Currently in theaters.

Babylon it had to have raised about 80 million dollars to have covered its budget, but since it opened in the United States on December 23, 2022 it has only reached the 28.4 million. In other words, the wildest party ever from director Damien Chazelle, who promised to be one of the great titles of this year, it has remained one of the great failuresbut there are many voices in its favor and many questions: why hasn’t it raised more?

Among the possible causes of its failure are the competition of Avatar: The Sense of Water, which has taken all the tickets from viewers in recent months. The second reason is weather. It was released in the middle of “the blizzard of the century”an impressive storm that paralyzed several areas of the United States just on the weekend that it was released on the big screen.

While other movie flops have more to do with production quality, in the case of Babylon It seems that it has more to do with bad luck and that times have changed.. People no longer have the cinema among their favorite plans, much less to invest three hours in a movie they know nothing about. It is not part of a franchise nor is it a second part as well promoted as Avatar. Come on, he had to lose.

But it has a good group of defenders. A quick look on social networks is enough to verify that the reviews it receives are very good. “Incomprehensible how unnoticed and mistreated she is being Babylon, writes one of the users, to which another adds: “A marvelous film. Perhaps we will not have to wait for time to pass to consider it a major work.” In general, the conversation is positive.

Precisely that of considering it a major work is present in many messages. Many users on social networks believe that it will end up being a cult film, although that is something that we will have to leave as time goes by.

The main complaint: the duration

And while it’s true that there are complaints, most have to do with the length of the film, or at least the pacing Chazelle has given it. There are many who believe that the best of the film is concentrated at the beginning and gradually deflates. And, in fact, there are those who point to its three hours as the main reason why it has not reached more people. “It’s not a failure because of the actors or the plot, it’s a failure because our society can’t spend three hours in the cinema watching a masterpiece,” says @shmooidols.

As it happens, the main competitor of Babylon is Avatar: The Sense of Water, which also exceeds 3 hours, so we didn’t buy it as the only reason for its failure, but we can’t stop thinking about how it would have turned out if they had shortened the footage a bit. Would it be more effective? Could it have had more passes and, therefore, more collection? While we speculate a bit, Babylon It is still in theaters, with Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie starring.