Bad Bunny and Olivia Rodrigo, the stars of music streaming

(ETX Daily Up) – As the holiday season approaches, streaming platforms take stock of a particularly turbulent year for the music industry. But some artists like Olivia Rodrigo, Doja Cat and boy band BTS have managed to do well, according to a new American study.

The Digital Media Association (DIMA) has established several rankings of the most popular artists, albums and songs over the past twelve months on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and YouTube. The organization has found that the craze for the 4th art is stronger than ever. Music lovers have particularly turned to streaming to maintain a connection with the artists they love.

Among them are established musicians like Taylor Swift, BTS, Drake and Justin Bieber. They are all in the top 5 most popular artists on Spotify this year, behind … Bad Bunny. The Puerto Rican artist has not released any albums in the past twelve months, but has offered a slew of singles to his fans including “Yonaguni” and “Lo Siento BB”.

Bad Bunny isn’t the only reggaetonero to be particularly popular on Spotify et al. According to DIMA, artists belonging to this genre have gained many places in the end-of-year charts, “taking advantage of the ability of streaming platforms to foster the discovery and explosion in popularity of Latin music.” Same story for musicians stamped rap and hip-hop.

The revenge of the youngsters

The American association has also seen genuine interest in emerging artists like Olivia Rodrigo, The Kid Laroi and Moneybagg Yo. The 18-year-old pop star has had tremendous success with her debut album “Sour”, and more specifically the single “driver’s license”. This song is featured in the Most Popular Songs chart on Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, and YouTube. Kid Laroi has had similar success with “STAY,” created in collaboration with Justin Bieber. The single spent seven non-consecutive weeks at the top of the radio charts in the United States, after being the subject of a dance challenge on TikTok. It appears in the top 5 of Amazon Music and Spotify.

“The history of music in 2021 has been defined by incredible, well-known and emerging artists who harness the power of streaming to engage with their fans,” said Garrett Levin, CEO of the Digital Media Association. “This year, we celebrated the gradual return of live music a year after the concert shutdown closed, while recognizing that challenges remain. One bright spot amid this Covid-related uncertainty is that we have seen a growing number of fans eager to discover new artists and follow their careers, reconnect with their old favorite musicians and listen to the artists and songwriters they love via streaming.