Bad but addictive (and a lot of sex): the series for people over 18 that did get season 2 returns to Netflix

The streaming platform is already promoting the return of the erotic series that everyone saw in 2021 but that no one liked.

It was not one of the great series of its year and we could say that it is one of those quite forgettable titles, but Sex/Life yes, it was lucky to be renewed for a second season on Netflix and now it announces his next return to the streaming platform. On these lines you can already see the first ‘teaser’ of the new installment of the series and, although it only lasts a few seconds and the full trailer is still to come, it is the best proof that the new episodes are full of what gave so much What to talk about in his first installment: scenes of the hottest.

Starring Sarah Shahi, Mike Vogel and Adam Demos, Sex/Life is based on BB Easton’s self-published memoir ’44 chapters about 4 men’ and follows in the footsteps of Billie Connelly, a married woman and mother of two who seeks to reconnect with the sensuality she feels she lost years ago. Although Billie shares her life with Cooper, a successful man at work who has given her an easy and trouble-free life, her re-entry into the life of her ex-boyfriend Brad makes her rethink many things about life. life she wants to lead. And that was basically the starting point of the story.

In the second season of Sex/Lifewhich will consist of six episodes instead of the eight of which the first installment consistedhe Billie/Cooper/Brad love triangle continues, picking up right where the previous installment left off: with Billie (Shahi) arriving at Brad’s (Demos) door in what precedes a torrid reunion. Meanwhile, Cooper also begins to fantasize about relationships outside of marriage and The new additions already secured are expected to stir up the action enough to make the second season just as addictive as the first.

After several weeks at the top of the most popular, Netflix announced the renewal of Sex/Life three months after the series debuted on the platform. The news was not a huge surprise, since the series had been most successful among its subscribersbut the truth is that now, from a distance, It stings a bit to think that a series about whose quality there is enough consensus and not exactly for the better, has a more promising future than 1899for example, which was canceled without anesthesia despite having been one of the most commented series of last year.

‘Sex/Life’ ensures its future on Netflix and will continue its controversial ending in a season 2

Probably Sex/Life was, however, one of those shows that viewers watched from start to finish, while it is well known that many viewers who gave it a chance 1899 they left her halfway and that’s almost the worst thing that can happen to a Netflix series.

Yeah Sex/Life improves or not in its second season remains to be seen, but Criticism, both professionally and from the public, was not rosy in its first season. In fact, Sexo/Vida barely agglutinates 21% of praise on the Rotten Tomatoes review website and the public’s assessment barely grows to 35%.

Sex/Life It premieres its second season on Netflix on March 2, 2023.