Bad news if you expect Final Fantasy XVI on PC: the authors of this fantasy RPG talk about the PS5 exclusive – Final Fantasy XVI

It is evident that the fans of the final fantasy saga They really want to start the spectacular adventure of final fantasy 16. Just like has been revealed in the last few monthsthe RPG delivery will be exclusive to PlayStation consoles during the first 6 monthssomething that the developer seeks to take advantage of exploiting all the technical benefits of PS5. This, as expected, has made PC gamers expect the release of the PC version as soon as the contract between Square Enix and Sony expired, but this illusion has just deflated like a balloon.

Because, it seems, we can forget that the computer edition will be ready by then. This is how Naoki Yoshida, producer of Final Fantasy XVI, explains it in an interview conducted at the Japanese PlayStation Blog (via Wario64 at Twitter). Here, the professional recalls the exclusivity of the game with Sony’s next-gen platform and insists that a PC version it needs more than 6 months to be optimized as it deserves.

“I was a bit annoyed by my comments the other day, but I would like to mention the PC version. First of all, it is true that Final Fantasy XVI has a limited time exclusivity for six months on the PS5 platform. However, it is a story completely different that the PC version is released in six months. I’ll be clear, the PC version will not arrive in half a year.

This is because we have invested time and money in optimizing the PS5 platform to offer the best gaming experience. Of course, I would like to release a PC version in the future so that everyone can play as much as possible. However, even if we start optimizing the PC version after the PS5 version comes out, we will not be able to optimize it in half a year, so it will not be released after this period. I would like to release it eventually, and I think I will release it, but I’m not at the stage where I can tell when it will be.

First of all, I would love it if you could play the PS5 version, which we have made with the idea that it is the best game in the world. If the PC version comes out in six months, I can leave the company (laughs). Instead of saying, ‘I’m not going to buy the PS5 version because the PC version will be out in six months anyway,’ I hope you enjoy the PS5 version first“.

We’ve already tried Final Fantasy XVI!

Of course, this will put off all the players who were waiting for the PC version of Final Fantasy XVI 6 months after its release on PS5, which is dated for the next June 22nd. In this way, we will be attentive to Square Enix’s social networks and presentations in case, in the future, they decide to share more information about the edition for computers.

On the other hand, at 3DJuegos we have already had access to the Square Enix RPG and, as we told you in our first impressions of Final Fantasy XVIis a great candidate for GOTY of 2023. As if this were not enough, we have also been able chat with the game’s main developers to know their objectives in terms of the players they seek to attract.