Bagnères-de-Bigorre. A fanfare start to the season at the Alazic with the Cartel

the essential
After an almost blank season, current music is making a triumphant return to the Alamzic stage. Next meeting this Thursday, December 2 with the concert of “El Comunero”.

Responsible for the programming and management of the Alamzic room, the Cartel Bigourdan has put the dishes in the big ones to relaunch musical entertainment after twenty months of closure due to Covid. The association has concocted a program that is all the richer as several concerts canceled last year due to health restrictions have been rescheduled for this new season. To the great pleasure of the public, as evidenced by the success of the cantère evening organized as part of the Piribus, the 100% female song evening or the “Debout sur le Zinc” concert, not to mention the artistic residency of the company “Les Moustachu” came to create in Bagnères its next show “Corpus”. And the sequel looks just as promising.

“Since the beginning of October, and a few days after closing a beautiful 2021 edition of the Big Bag Festival, we have been on all fronts to carry out our various missions related to the management of the venue, from concerts to residences, including cultural actions and artistic education in schools. Each month, the room also hosts about twenty rehearsals of local groups. “, details Urbain Soisson.

Workshops for schoolchildren

“Thanks in particular to partnership agreements signed with the Blanche Odin college and the Victor Duruy high school, cultural actions intended for Bagnérais students are developing. Thus, 300 students from the 4 ° and 3 ° classes of the college came to attend on November 16 at the I Me Mine concert, an educational show for prevention and awareness of hearing risks, “he continues. In the same spirit, the association has associated high school students in its project around La Retirada. Thus, this Thursday afternoon, a performance will be reserved for students, followed by a meeting with the musicians and the screening of the short film “Bolero Paprika”. In the evening, in the first part of the concert, a restitution of the workshops conducted at the school by Thomas Jimenez in partnership with the Spanish teachers, 70 students will be invited to present two songs written and composed for the occasion before the visit of the Gürs camp. scheduled for December 3 and the recording of the compositions in January 2022 with the support of La Gespe.

Next dates in December: 10th, Supachill, Proleter, Youthstar & Miscellaneaous; on the 17th, Future Folk Stories; the 31st, New Year’s Eve party organized in partnership with the Hot Big’Or association.