‘Balenciaga’: Disney + presents its first own production for Spain

Disney + announces three new series in Europe to celebrate Platform Day. In addition to the designer biopic, they will premiere an adventure series inspired by ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ‘and an 8-episode romantic comedy

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The designer Cristóbal Balenciaga will be the protagonist of the first series produced in Spain by Disney +, as confirmed by the platform itself today coinciding with the celebration of the Disney+ Day. This series, which takes as a provisional title Balenciaga It is the beginning of the original Disney + production in our country.

The series tells the story of the Spanish designer whom the press release describes as

A man who, through his natural talent, perseverance and nose for business, dared to challenge his social status as the son of a dressmaker and a fisherman, becoming one of the most relevant designers of all time.

Balenciaga is a series of 12 Goya award winners Jose Mari Goenaga, Jon Garaño and Aitor Arregi (The Infinite Trench, Great, Flowers) together with Lourdes Iglesias. The story portrays the search for identity in the face of adversity and the challenge of social conventions over the years, as explained from the platform. ORObsessed with finding his own style among the voices that judged his work and with the loneliness that being an artist entails, the public will witness the constant deconstruction and reconstruction of the great losses of this master: his life partner, his mother and his country.

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Sofía Fábregas, vice president of original production for Disney + in Spain, explained that the series “marks the ambitious path of the original production of Disney + in our country.” And added:

Cristóbal Balenciaga is a local icon that crossed borders. A symbol of talent and technique. And this is our commitment: to produce unique stories, with the imprint of our best creators and producers, capable of speaking to viewers around the world.

Balenciaga will count with 6 episodes of 50 minutes each and will be narrated in a dramatic key. The project is part of The Walt Disney Company’s commitment to develop and produce 60 original series by 2024. And this new series brings to 21 the titles that already have the green light. This list is made up of 16 fiction series and 5 documentaries or docu-series from six countries: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

Other projects that continue to advance

Also, the live action adventure series Nautilus, by Disney, based on the stories in Jules Verne’s book Twenty thousand leagues of underwater travel it already has its protagonist and its main director. Shazad Latif (Star Trek: Discovery) will play the iconic Captain Nemo, the enigmatic Indian prince who steals a fantastic submarine from the East India Company and sets sail in search of adventure under the sea. Michael Matthews (Of love and monsters) will direct this British-produced adventure story of 10 chapters of 50 minutes each.

The other European Disney + proposal that is advancing is the thiller funny Wedding Season which will star Gavin Drea (Vikings: Valhalla) in the role of Stefan alongside Rosa Salazar as his on-and-off lover. The series tells the story of Katie, a perfect bride we meet on her wedding day surrounded by the corpses of her new husband and all the members of her family.to. The cast is also joined by Jade Harrison (Foundation) and Jamie Michie (Game of Thrones) who play the restrained DCI Metts and the volatile DI Donahue, the police detectives tasked with investigating the murders of Katie’s husband and family.

Also Callie Cooke (do not talk to strangers), Bhav Joshi (The fire), Ioanna Kimbook (Inside No. 9,) y Omar Baroud (The Innocents) join in as Stefan’s group of friends who, together, head into the summer wedding season filled with a seemingly endless procession of engagement parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and weddings.

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Today, subscribers can stream 17 content releases on Disney + like the new original drama series. Dopesick: Story of an addiction starring Michael Keaton, Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings from Marvel Studios, a documentary about Billie Elisih’s recent concert experience This is Happier than Ever Made: A Love Letter to Los Angeles and Disney’s Jungle Cruise adventure movie for the whole family.

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In addition, live action and animated romantic comedy and musical fantasy are also coming to the streaming service today Enchanted: Giselle’s Story 2007 starring Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey, and a new series of original shorts titled Olaf present. All new titles are on the Disney + home page today.

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In addition, today starting at 3:00 p.m., fans will be able to follow @DisneyPlusES on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see first trailers, new trailers, exclusive clips and appearances by Disney + creators and stars of upcoming Disney content, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and Star.

More titles to Disney +

Between November and December, in Spain, Disney + will launch a new series or movie every week as Hawk Eye from Marvel on November 24, The last duel from Ridley Scott on December 15, The Wonder Years, December 22, Charm on December 24 and the documentary The Rescue from National Geographic on December 31.

In addition, exclusive original content such as “Pam and Tommy” starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan, FX’s “Pistol” with Danny Boyle serving as executive producer, and the docuseries “Welcome to Wrexham” with Ryan will also be coming to Disney + next year. Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, owners of the Wrexham AFC football club.