Barbazan-Debate. The Voices of Alaric in vitality mode

After two years of operation thwarted by sanitary conditions, the Voices of Alaric, as provided for in their statutes, held their General Assembly. Almost all the members were present to listen to the reading of the report of activities made by the president, Daniel Arcas. He recalled that ten concerts were given during the year 2022 and that the Voices of Alaric sang the mass of the local festival.

But the high point of the season will remain the trip to Aragon, in Alquezar, on October 8 and 9. There, after a concert in a full church, it was pleasant to talk with the public during a reception offered by the municipality. The financial report presented by the treasurer, always as scrupulous, highlighted the controlled management of the funds of the association. Activity report and financial statement were unanimously approved.

Then came the time for projects. The choir director, Jean-Claude Hargous, presented the next songs to learn. He also expressed the wish to start recording a CD in 2023. Everyone was then able to express their comments and proposals, a sign of the great vitality of this vocal ensemble.

The day continued at the Cazaux de Tournay restaurant for a meal that will delight the taste buds of even the most demanding gourmets. Obviously, the music and the songs contributed to enliven the banquet and to underline the agreement and the conviviality which reign within the group, ready from now on for a new year in song.